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EaterWire: Bin 38, Zuni the Second and MORE!

Zuni Cafe: Is there another in the works? [Photo: Flickr/Eric Rolph]

MARINA—The early word from Bin 38 is that the wine bar at 3232 Scott will have quite the outdoor back patio area, complete with a fire pit. In the libations category, upwards of 40 wines will be offered by the glass, and there's even a beer sommelier for the hops lovers. As for the name, "bin" signifies the area of land where the grapes are harvested, and "38" represents San Francisco's latitude. You didn't know? Opening date is set for mid-October. [EaterWire Inbox]

SOMA—How's this for some delectable Mint Plaza rumor mongering? From a Curbed commenter: "Speaking of Mint Plaza, Judy Rogers(of Zuni) [sic] is looking to open a second location. Evidently Limon is out of the picture." Is this just another wild rumor on the interwebs or something more? The tip line is very open for this one. [Curbed Comments]

NORTH BEACH—There's much ado on and around Grant Avenue with the North Beach Pizza mini-empire. Here's the dirt: the outpost on 1310 Grant (near Vallejo) is temporarily closed because the ovens were misbehaving, and one requires an oven for pizza. They should be back in action sooner than later. Meanwhile, just a block or two up the street, the bigger NB Pizza location at 1499 Grant (on the corner of Union) will be moving in to the space directly across the street, but not for several months. [EaterWire]

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