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The Dish: South, Sens Say Hello

The City welcomes a flurry of restaurant openings every fall, but when said restaurants actually open is anyone's guess. The Dish is happy to bring you the latest in unveilings. Today: a triumvirate of openings.
Do you come from a Land Down Under? Where women glow and men plunder?

1) South Food + Wine Bar: The southern hemisphere arrives south of Market with Aussie Luke Mangan's first American outpost. The Plywood vet officially opens tonight, although a reader report indicates that the place was abuzz on Saturday night: "It looks like South is going through a dry run. There are lots of people inside but the sign is off. The warm lights are the only signs of activity on that block of Townsend." Dinner service begins tonight, but good luck if you don't have a resy: they've been booked for weeks. 330 Townsend St, (Between 4th & 5th), SoMa; (415) 974-5599. [Eater Staff/Inbox]

2) Sens: Another weekend soft opening, another Monday kickoff. Lunch and dinner start today at Sens. Bravo to the team for putting together what seems to be a very intriguing southern Mediterranean menu. The good folks over at Daily Feed attended last week's friends and family outing, and from the looks of the pretty, pretty photos, Sens is off to a sustainably biodynamic start. Dinner reservations are still available for tonight, not to mention lunch. 4 Embarcadero Center, Promenade Level, FiDi; (415) 362-0645 [Eater Staff/Bunrab]

3) Baghdad 1001 Nights: The Bay's first Iraqi restaurant will open today. Yesterday, Eater staff passed by as the guys from Baghdad were erecting the sign. One of them was wearing a giant cowboy hat, which was unexpected. But we digress. Another Ply alum, Baghdad 1001 Nights will be open for lunch and dinner, giving the Lower Haight district just what it needs: more edge, baby. 682 Haight St (Between Pierce & Steiner), Lower Haight [Eater Staff]