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Eater Deathwatch: Call For Submissions

Coming soon to a restaurant near you.

And now for something you are going to hate/love to hate/hate to love. Our newest feature to the site, the Eater Deathwatch, wherein the above stamp will be diabolically applied to quickly-fading venues. At times, we'll track deathwatched restaurants through their painful deaths, and in others, we'll just leave them alone as they slowly drift away on their crusty deathbeds.

How do we choose who to put on Deathwatch? That's entirely up to the Deathwatch Committee and their proceedings are mostly closed-door. But, in general, it's mostly intuition, based on some warning signs, like special promotions, blatant shills and of course, scores of empty tables at 8pm on a Friday night. As soon as the first Eater Deathwatch rolls, we're pretty sure you'll understand.

But we're not ready convene a meeting of the Deathwatch Committee just yet. First we want to know what you're thinking. Have you noticed a restaurant knocking on death's door? You better believe that we are now accepting Deathwatch nominations, both in the comments field and on the Deathwatch Hotline.

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