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EaterWire: Java House's Day in Court

Java House: will it live to see another season?

EMBARCADERO— You'll recall the ongoing saga between Java House and the Port of San Francisco. To recap: the two parties renegotiated a lease agreement, then the lease "fell through," and finally, the Port forced an exorbitant monthly rent upon the small business, much to the chagrin of owner Phil Papadopoulus. Well, earlier today, Java House formally filed its appeal before a judge in an attempt to get the Port to honor its original agreement. The judge's ruling is expected to come forth within the next several days. In other words, the saga nears its climax. Will our hero live to see another baseball season on the bay? Stay tuned. [EaterWire]

THE SUNSET—The revitalization of the Sunset's nightlife scene (since when is it a scene?) continues: "Now, the new owners of what was once the dull, boring Eldo's Brewery, have transformed that venue into the new Wunder Brewing Company ...this is probably one of the best bargain happy hours I've found in a while. Not only do they sell their beers for a mere $2.25 (i.e. less than what one pays for crap beer at a corporate chain) from 4:30-6:30, they also have a special menu of discount-priced items as well." Well then, color us interested. [N Judah Chronicles]