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Banned on Chowhound: A Primer

Welcome to the newest feature 'round these here parts: Banned on Chowhound, in which we right the wrongs suffered by you at the hand of those eraser-happy Chowhound moderators. Wrote a post only to have it banned? We can most certainly help.


2007_10_bannedchnd.jpgThe moderators on Chowhound run a tight ship, often deleting posts with little hesitation. While this policy surely weeds out shills and illegitimate testimony, scores of benign posts also (confusingly) fall victim to the censorship. Usually, deleted posts contain a subject/phrase that has been placed on the moderator's "banned" list; sometimes, it's a certain restaurant, sometimes a website name. Enter Banned on Chowhound, your discussion vehicle for voicing complaints and questions about the extreme censorship practices of the Bay Area's best food message board. We'll even pledge to run your banned posts in their entirety (within reason, of course).

To start things off, we'd like to present a post that showed up in our rss reader, yet when we clicked on through to the actual thread, the post had been inexplicably removed. The full title and body text of the deleted post follows:

Yet another Thai fast food place for North Beach?

Passing by the far-gone Fogon location (it closed after being unable to follow Gira Polli's act) on Union St. between Columbus and Powell, I noticed a flurry of remodeling activity. According to the crew boss of the workers, a Thai restaurant is going in. He didn't know if it would be fancy or fast food, but given the size of the space it could hardly be anything more than another Thai Chef or the like.

So ... worth censorship?

Chowhound post get deleted? Your experiences to

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