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Eater Inside: Lolo

A recurring feature, Eater Inside showcases the interior space of high-profile, recently-opened restaurants, or in this case, an under-the-radar Mission newbie.
Christine Kesler, 9/26/07

Opening the same weekend as A16 offspring SPQR, Lolo had the fortune to debut a bit under wraps. The element of mystery surrounding the tiny Mission restaurant may have worked out well for owners Lorena Zerpuche, husband Jorge Martinez and Merdol Erkal. Curious folks (including Eater) around town soon launched into full investigation modes; in fact, Lolo has now become "that" hidden Mission gem du jour. Zerpuche and co. borrow heavily from both Mexican and Turkish cuisines, though in the end, it's a local-ingredient menu. The small interior, believe it or not, matches the cuisine: a hodgepodge of colorful elements that oddly work well in the right context. Like SPQR, no reservations are taken.

An opposite view of the interior, facing 22nd Street.

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