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EaterWire AM Edition: Castro Late Nights and MORE!

CASTRO—Perhaps there's hope for late-night dining in San Francisco yet: Home Restaurant on the corner of Market and Church has extended its hours to midnight, every single night of the week. Sounds like someone's getting ready for the always-crazy Halloween party... oh, right. [EaterWire Inbox]

CITY-WIDE—Also in the Inbox: a somewhat amusing note from Pasta Pomodoro regarding the Italian chain's buy-one, get-one Columbus Day offer: "You may have taken advantage of our Columbus Day to-go offer. It was such a success that many of our restaurants ran out of food. If you were a guest who waited in a long line and/or didn't get the pasta you had hoped for, I truly apologize." [EaterWire Inbox]

OAKLAND—From the Eater Comments field comes a reminder that onetime Fisherman's Wharf fave Saigon Grill is not completely gone: "We closed Saigon Grill to focus on our other businesses. Our main location in Oakland is still alive ... In fact, the sandwiches are $2.75 in Oakland. The cook, my brother has moved over to Oakland to run the business. So all is not lost." [Eater Comments]

LIVERMORE—A trio of impressive new restaurants—Star Anise, Fire + Ice and Simply Fondue—just opened on a developing mini-restaurant row on First Street: "Call it Livermore's coming out party -- the culmination of a years-long revitalization that turned First Street from a hick hangout into a smart walk with pretty plazas, green grass, live music and a gushing Lizzie Fountain." So, basically, Livermore got their Mint Plaza going before SF did. [CC Times]

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