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Curbed Rumblings: To The Infinity and Beyond

With the birth of Eater SF came the resurrection of Curbed SF. Every Friday, we are honored to bring you the highlights from the week at our sister site.

1) SoMa: Simply put, this week was all about The Infinity. After sharing a myriad of shots from inside an apartment on the 19th floor and the courtyard, those crazy Curbed kids took the show to the roof, and heavens, that view will most certainly swipe your breath.

2) Twin Peaks: Angry neighbors have had it up to HERE with a local eyesore that has been under construction for four years, causing the area a great deal of embarrassment from those judgmental tourists. And to make matters worse, the problem child has brought potted artificial flowers into the equation (Oh no they didn't!).

3) The Interwebs: One Craig Newmark stopped by the comments field to clarify his (lack of) subtlety. Perhaps you've heard of his website?