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First Word: Inside The Infinity's Upcoming Restaurant

The lovely red arrows indicate the future site of The Infinity's restaurant.

As you may or may not be aware, our sister site Curbed has been all over—both inside and out—the high-profile development that is The Infinity, the giant green tower conspicuously rising in SoMa. The fact that The Infinity will soon be joined by a neighboring twin skyscraper is nothing new, but Eater Staff recently got a walk-through of the upcoming restaurant within The Infinity. Unfortunately for us (and you), they politely asked us not to take pictures (hence the street shot), but consider this one on full-surveillance going forward. Here's what we know about the food-related doings:

1) The restaurant won't be the only the newcomer: a cafe with typical cafe fare and prepared foods will sit right on the corner of Folsom and Main (behind the street light in the above photo).

2) But you care about the restaurant, so getting back to the main event inside the walls of The Infinity, the two-story (maybe more?) restaurant space is huge. To be precise, "MASSIVE" was the specific word uttered by an insider whilst gawking at the extremely high ceilings.

3) At the time of the Eater/Curbed team tour, building representatives said that no deal had been signed yet, though they are in negotiations with "a name-brand San Francisco chef." Let the speculation begin .... now.
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