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Much Ado About Sangha. Or, Nothing.


We must admit, we're thoroughly confused with the doings of Glen Park's Sangha, the Japanese-fusion restaurant that has been in perpetual "opening soon" mode. Follow along as we recap the media adventures of Ric Lopez (who also owns Le P'tit Laurent just across the street).

Lopez originally aimed for a 2006 opening, according the Beard Foundation of all places. Then, he told media people that June 2007 was in fact the date. And just last week, Ms. Tablehopper reported that Lopez is now aiming to be open by the end of the year (and that Le P'tit Laurent has a swell prix fixe deal!). To top it all off, "Asian fusion ingénue Sangha" gets a mention in the 2008 Zagat guide in the key newcomers blurb, right next to Spruce and Hime.

The thing is, throughout all the publicity smoke and mirrors, nothing has actually changed within Sangha's deserted space (above), leading to the question: why the constant media blitz?

Turns out we're not the only ones befuddled. From a reader:

One wonders why [Ric Lopez] is going to such trouble promoting his restaurant when construction seems to be way behind and infrequent ... Earlier this year he said the place would open this June. Now he finally has renewed the permits, but construction seems extremely slow. All I know is that I walk by the building daily, and it looks like a complete wreck ... it's looked exactly the same for literally the last 5 years.
Well, at least the old Village Cellar sign is finally gone. And who knows: perhaps we are too jaded and Sangha will indeed open by the end of the year ... Anyone?

Anyone who has actually seen or heard some signs of construction in the last half decade at 678 Chenery is encouraged to testify.

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