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Plywood Report: Rancho Parnassus, Gustofino and MORE

This here is the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing source for the next generation of San Francisco restaurants still in various stages of construction. From splashy, big-name endeavors to smaller remodelings, we've got you covered. See something a-brewing in your neighborhood? Drop us a line. Also: reservations at El Bulli* if you include photos.
Rancho Parnassus: Future home to muses, dharma bums and possibly regular bums.

1) SoMa: While Mint Plaza trudges along, the new Sixth Street intermediary to an improved SoMa may be Rancho Parnassus. Readers up on their mythology will surely recall Parnassus as the home of the muses held holy by Apollo. In that vein, Rancho Parnassus aims to be a "creativity cafe" for artists and musicians, offering creative folks and their wannabe friends their libations of sustenance: coffee and alcohol. It will be open early and late, perched on the corner of Sixth and Minna. According to the minutes from a July SOMBA meeting, Rancho Parnassus will open "between Labor Day and Halloween." [PLYWOOD]

Note the trash can and street sign to appreciate the immense scale of the poster.

2) Castro: The debut of retail/cafe combo project Gustofino Fine Foods on 248 Church, between Market and 15th Street (the onetime Just Desserts space) got pushed back again, as evidenced by the, uh, editing on the photo above. The new date is the 19th. And yes, Blue Bottle Coffee will be available. [PLYWOOD]

3) The Mission: Already a Ply vet, Monk's Kettle—rather, the guys behind Monk's Kettle—have confirmed their November opening date. Specific dates are under development. Rumor has it Mission hipsters will not be allowed on the premises.** [Eater Inbox]

4) China Basin: Also from the Eater Inbox: "The upcoming Burger Joint location by AT&T put tape over the part of the sign that said Coming Summer 2007. That's funny." Well, it definitely did not come in summer 2007. Summer 2008, on the other hand ... [Eater Inbox]

*Subject to availability
**Not true at all

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