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Hangover Observations: Last Night at Fish & Farm

This is Hangover Observations, where we share our thoughts on last night, the night that was.

For the Duggans, the (temporary) passing of Original Joe's brought the arrival of Fish & Farm, the shiny new farm-friendly/sustainable endeavor tucked away in the Mark Twain Hotel. Headed by Chef Michael Morrison, Fish & Farm opened last Thursday. We checked it out on the following evening. From our table for two:

1) Having missed the unmarked main entrance on Taylor Street, several diners awkwardly wandered in through the hotel lobby entrance, where a giant, old-fashioned "Restaurant" sign hangs over the back door to F&F.

2) Once inside the small—35 seats?—dining room, the contrast from the dingy hotel is stark. Along with kitschy items on the wall (e.g., whitewashed oars), deep browns and bright teals rule the dark, cozy space.

3) Also notable on the decor front: a giant clock face that looks as if Doc Brown should be hanging from it.

4) Slightly unforgivable: two diners, three slices of bread.

5) Best dish of the night: a perfectly-tender venison spare ribs app. Grilled sardines tasted ... like grilled sardines. All-around, plenty to like, some dishes felt a bit safe, and the evolution of the local menu should be fun to watch.

6) Once the 8pm reservations trickled all the way in, the place was packed. Service, surprisingly enough, was impressive for night number two.
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