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The Dish: Frisee Opens Softly, Fully Open Tomorrow

The City welcomes a torrent of restaurant openings every fall, but when said restaurants actually open is anyone's guess. The Dish is overjoyed to bring you the latest in unveilings.

Castro: Since the plywood came off a while back, Frisee on Market has garnered the curiosity of many a Castro passerby. Anyone who has strolled by the place has noticed the ultra-sleek design of the two-tiered space, the abundance of empty wine glasses at the ready and the salad-centric menu. Well, Frisee is finally ready to launch. This weekend, brothers/owners Brett and Nathan Niebergall rang in Frisee with a private party, and will open to the general public tomorrow at 11am. At this point, only lunch will be offered, but in the next week or so, dinner service will follow. While we have some doubts about the merits of a $13 salad, not to mention a lunchtime destination that seems better suited for a workers' hub (a la Mixt Greens in the FiDi), there's no denying the design and scope of Frisee are pretty impressive and probably worth a shot. Early reports can be submitted here or in the comments field. 2367 Market St, Between 16th Street and Castro Street, (415) 558-1616 [Eater Staff, Official Site]

The front door: not quite the look of your run-of-the-mill salad cafe.

Wine glasses? Check. Plates? Check. Uncomfortable-looking stools? Check.

Notice a new restaurant in your neighborhood? The tip line is ready with open arms.

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