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EaterWire PM Edition: Roy, Arnold, Joe and MORE!

SOMA—Among The Hall Company's first Bay Area projects: bringing Hawaiian fusion giant Roy's back to relevance. How to accomplish the task? Why, stress something novel to San Francisco folk: a harvest dinner with sustainable local products. November 4th, call for deets. [EaterWire Inbox, Official Site]

SACRAMENTO—Our governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, vetoed a bill that would have required fast food chains to post the nutritional value of their food items on menus. The Governator's supporters say that the bill would have places unfair mandates on restaurateurs, while public health advocates say that Schwarzenegger—a onetime restaurateur himself—missed a golden opportunity to "lead the nation on a critical public health issue." [Central Valley Business Times]

TENDERLOIN—More news from the fire aftermath at Original Joe's. According to Zagat, estimates for the closure date are now somewhere in the three to six month range, which often means six to nine months. Godspeed, tuxedoed waiters. [Zagat Buzz]

COW HOLLOWThe Tablehopper reports that a new executive chef at Umami named Akira Yoshizumi has inclined the menu more heavily towards the sushi side of the menu. And, he's from Japan. [TH]

REDWOOD CITY—To be honest, one of the discussion points at our dinner at Fish & Farm last weekend involved a curiosity regarding where exactly the kitchen—which professes to obtain most meat and produce from within 100 miles of the front door—found local venison. Mystery solved: "Time magazine reports that poachers with crossbows took to a public park in nearby Redwood City, where they built a tree stand, scattered bait and waited for black-tailed deer to wander by so they could bag themselves a nice trophy, and one would hope, at least some venison steaks." [All Shook Down]

WHISKEYVILLE—If next week's WhiskeyFest—when will the "fests" end, by the way?—somehow doesn't fulfill your annual whiskey quota, a pair of after-parties will be tossed at Bourbon & Branch and Swig. Password required for the former. [alcademics]

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