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The Shutter: SF Dive Bars Diving Rather Quickly

At the beginning of the summer, San Francisco traditionalists mourned the loss of The Owl Tree on the Tendernob corner of Post and Taylor. The Owl Tree was one of the city's best remaining dive bars, but as soon as patriarch owner Bobby Cook passed away, things quickly went downhill once his son took over, according to an article in SF Weekly from earlier this year. Despite an ownership transfer notice appearing in the window a little over a month ago (pictured above; see the Eater Flickr Pool for a close-up), nothing has been reported on the activity front. A sliver of hope, though, persists.

Meanwhile, just over the hill, another reminder of San Francisco's past, The John Barleycorn Pub, is counting down the days to its October 27th 26th closing. Home to cold brews, cable car benches and church pews, the Barleycorn seems to have given up its last-ditch campaign to escape the clutches of Luisa Hanson's "real estate transformation plan." So, get thee to The Barleycorn over the next ten days, lest you miss San Francisco history.
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