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EaterWire AM Edition: Pastry Trouble; Gastropub Cometh?

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—San Francisco has been largely immune to the gastropub itch that's taken New York City, but things might—might!—be changing. A restaurant called Anchor and Hope will be taking hold at 83 Minna Street. Could it be related to and/or inspired by the popular London gastropub of the same name? Story quite possibly developing, along with the gastropub phenomenon. [EaterWire]

CHINATOWN—After its chef passed away recently, famed pastry shop Golden Gate Bakery (pictured, with perpetual line outside) has shuttered temporarily once again. From the 'hounds: "I noticed the other day that GGB is closed "for vacation" **again** until Oct. 27 and wondered what was up. I don't know if it's a mourning period (was the pastry maker a family member?) or simply for regrouping. Hopefully it's nothing more portentous. I'm not a big pastry fan, but it's a cherished institution, after all." [Chowhound]

SOMA—For those of you having a difficult time getting into South for dinner, have no fear. Yesterday, the Aussies down on Townsend rang in lunch service. The daytime menu is a bit shorter than its evening counterpart but includes a trio of sandwiches, one of which is a venison burger. That Luke Mangan, he don't hate the game. [EaterWire, Official Site]

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