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Something Afoot at The Owl Tree?

Coming right on the heels of yesterday's post, it just so happens that the above Notice of Nonresponsibility appeared soon thereafter on the window of The Owl Tree. Thanks to a reader for the tip; that same reader queried whether this new note indicates a sliver of hope for the beloved pub. We're going to go with a tentative negative on this one. In no way are we real estate experts—esteemed educated readers, please chime in here—but according to, ahem, the California Real Estate License School, a Notice of Nonresponsibility is as follows:

A notice provided by law designed to relieve a property owner from responsibility for the cost of work done on the property or materials furnished for it when the work or materials were ordered by a person in possession.
A protective move by the landlords? An indication that The Owl Tree folks might back in action?
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