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Week in Reviews Bonus Edition: Patricia Unterman Loves Mexico DF, Hyperbole

The only question remaining? Just how many Michelin stars.

This week's dosage of Patricia Unterman brings us to Mexico DF, the upscale Steuart Street place earlier panned by both Josh Sens and Michael Bauer. Now, San Francisco critics outside of the Chron have a bit of a reputation for being "softies" when it comes to reviews, but Unterman's amazingly glowing review suggests that Mexico DF just might be Thomas Keller's secret Mexican undertaking. To wit:

1) Good news: "Frankly, anything on this menu thrills"

2) Better news: " any of my fellow reviewers could have mistaken Mexico DF's sublime carnitas, salsas, ceviches or huaraches for taco-truck fare is beyond me."

3) Great news: "Not fussy or overworked, these plates are simple, radiant and just the way I want to eat today."

4) Greater news: "When wrapped in a small, hot, freshly made corn tortilla and drizzled with one of three haunting hand-crushed salsas and maybe a spoonful of warm cactus and chayote salad ($5), well, I challenge anyone to find a better mouthful in the Bay Area."

5) Greatest news: "Mexico DF is the Frontera Grill of San Francisco."
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