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EaterWire AM Edition: Conduit Connects to Valencia, Go Fish Goes Al Fresco

Notice a conduit or two? [Rendering: Stanley Saitowitz]

THE MISSION—Our favorite Tablehopper briefly touched on this earlier in the week, but more details are leaking out about Conduit, the restaurant opening in late November near Valencia and 14th in the northern Mission, or as it will probably be dubbed in a month: NoMi. According to the fact sheet, Conduit will seat 110 between the dining room and kitchen counter, and a wine list of 200 bottles will be offered. Taking up executive chef duties will onetime Michael Chiarello sous chef and Jeanty at Jack's vet Justin Deering, who is really just endearing (sorry). Produce will be sourced from farmer friends and subsequently transformed into cuisine described as "Contemporary American with French and Italian influences." For renderings of the mod interior, do check out architect Stanley Saitowitz's site. Going forward, look for Conduit cameos in the Plywood Report, obv. [EaterWire Inbox]

WINE COUNTRY—Just in time for November, Zagat Top Newcomer Go Fish has completed its notable outdoor dining and bar area expansion. The outdoor bar/patio at Cindy Pawlcyn's St. Helena fish house now seats 100, will be open year-round, and will offer the full dinner menu, cementing Go Fish as one of the better post-winery destinations in the hood. Also sprinkled throughout the outdoor area: an "eye-catching array" of pots and planters rife with herbs and vegetables, including the omnipresent cherry tomato. [Earthtimes]