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EaterWire: PlumpJack to Turn Off Lights! Zoya to Shutter!

PLUMPJACKLAND—Ladies and gentleman, we'd like to announce the newest participants in Lights Out San Francisco: Balboa Cafe, Jack Falstaff and PlumpJack Cafe. Directly from the PlumpJack folks: "thanks so much – we are participating." The list of restaurants has been updated and everything. Oh, and anyone who had the under on the 5pm line won. [EaterWire Inbox, Lights Out SF]

HAYES VALLEY—Big news from 465 Grove Street: come the winter months, Zoya will be closing. A representative from the New American restaurant says that unfortunately, they have outgrown the space. They are looking to move elsewhere, but "things are still up in the air." As it happens, the new occupant of the space will also be the newest contestant in the worst restaurant name in town contest; according to the liquor license application, it shall be called ... Double Dacker. Yes, really. [EaterWire, ABC]