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Curbed Rumblings: Parking Chaos and Crazy Realtors

With the birth of Eater SF came the resurrection of Curbed SF. Every Friday, we are honored to bring you the highlights from the week at our sister site.

1) City Hall: San Francisco proves it's a protest-y town yet again. Some are up in arms about parking propositions, while others are taking to the internets with the hopes to solve the city's parking woes.

2) Noe Valley: A new feature called Asked Curbed rolled out. Question #1: an unadulterated newbie asking about Noe Valley's most eccentric, "obviously unstable" realtor (pictured, above). Question #2: do I have to buy a condo?

3) City-Wide: Rounding out the week over there, the Curbed kids took aim at the shitshow that is the San Francisco rental market. And that rental market is mighty tough, which means that shills aren't just for restaurants. Yes, renters shill too and let us tell you, there exists a fine line between endearing and douchy.

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