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Lights Out Update: PlumpJack Restaurants in the Dark

Throughout the week, we've been musing on the glaring absence of the PlumpJack restaurants from the steadily-growing Lights Out restaurant participant list. Today, the Eater Investigative Staff took the issue straight to the top. Well, to the receptionist at the top. Either way, some hard-hitting* calls were made to the various colonies of the PlumpJack Empire. Here are the various responses to our week-long civic query: why aren't the PlumpJack restaurants involved in Lights Out?

1) The Mayor's Office: "Oh, I'm not sure. It's probably because they are private businesses whereas the bridge is a reflection of the city."

2) Balboa Cafe: "You know, I don't know. Yeah, I think that maybe we should be involved in something like that"

3) PlumpJack Cafe: "I'm not sure. We're closed for a private event tomorrow night. That's probably why."

4) Jack Falstaff: "I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't even know what Lights Out is."

5) MatrixFillmore: "Hello and thank you for calling MatrixFillmore. We are located at 3138 Fillmore ..."

6) PlumpJack Headquarters: "I have no idea! I will happy to check into this. What did you say it was called? ... Why don't you contact [redacted] and she'll find out why we're not involved in this awesome thing."

Will a suddenly-aware PlumpJack join the list? You'll want to stay tuned for the conclusion of this one. The early over/under on the time which PlumpJack hops on the Lights Out bandwagon: 5pm.
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*really quite friendly

Have a prediction or an opinion? Your thoughts in the comments field or to us, please.

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