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Eater Inside: Tinderbox

A recurring feature, Eater Inside showcases the interior space of high-profile, recently-opened restaurants. Today, to Bernal Heights we go.
James Newman, 10/17/07

Here we have Tinderbox, the 40-seat "experimental American bistro" tucked away on the edge of town in the rapidly-changing Bernal Heights neighborhood. Having just nabbed a pair of stars this week, owners/chefs Ryan Russell and Blair Warsham have to be happy with their first months of business. They are taking a lot of chances, from an ambitious menu to a space that has seen two restaurants fold in the last year or so. The aforementioned menu borders on eclectic and playful, with dishes like a rabbit hot pocket or a grilled avocado cutlet. For Bernal Heights residents, it's a fun, neighborhoody place, and for the rest of us, it's an excuse to venture into the quickly-ascending Bernal Heights. And the chocolate cake with a molten blue cheese center and pistachio ice cream is most certainly worth a try.

Further reading in this week's Food Section and at BernalBlog.

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