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More on Domo: "You Will See a Lot of Wood"

Nearly a month ago, Hayes Valley pedestrians wondered about Domo, the mysterious "Isabelle & Christopher Inc" project taking over the space at 511 Laguna Street on the corner of Linden. Not long thereafter, it was revealed to be a Japanese restaurant from Luke and Kitty Sung of Isa. According to the Sungs, Domo will be a traditional sushi establishment with about 20 seats. The design is still a work in progress but in going for a casual vibe, they do know that "you will see a lot of wood." Unlike at Isa, the Sungs will be more involved in the operational side of things, letting Ku Wa of Millbrae's Osho run chef duties. As for the decision to branch into the ever-developing Hayes Valley, Kitty Sung says it was an easy choice, given the "vibrant" neighborhood. Hear that, Hayes Valley? You're vibrant.
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