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EaterWire: Burger Joint Still Dirty, Moscone Goes Green

SOUTH BEACH—An Eater tipster shares a progress report on the latest at King Street's upcoming Burger Joint: "They have finally resumed the flurry of activity. There was a huge pile of dirt, I kid you not, in the main lobby of the space until about 3 weeks ago." More reading on the Burger Joint project can be found in the Plywood Report. [EaterWire Inbox]

THE MISSION—Newbie Lolo already has some people missing Vogalonga's "ultra-crispy" white pizza with prosciutto and arugula. On the bright side, initial reports from those crazy Chowhounds have been very, very positive. Given its small space, the early money is on Lolo—and its eclectic menu—quickly becoming neighborhood favorites. [Bits and Bites]

SOMA/POLITCS—Ever the pioneer, Mayor Newsom announced that the Moscone Center will move to 100% biodegradable food service. Says Newsom: "“The Moscone Center has been a trailblazer in instituting green programs for many years ... but we’ve really stepped things up." [The Sentinel]


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