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Meanwhile, 1300 on Fillmore Settles For a Paper Sign

One day, it'll be a real sign.

On the heels of the plethora of signage for Yoshi's, we'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the soul food restaurant opening alongside the esteemed, big-name jazz club: 1300 on Fillmore. Clearly, 1300 and its, ahem, sign lack the pomp and circumstance of Yoshi's, but high hopes are in order for 1300. It's going to be an upscale soul food restaurant, headed by the husband-and-wife team of Chef David Lawrence (once of the Carnelian Room) and Monetta White. Importantly, while Yoshi's is slated for a November 28 inauguration, 1300 on Fillmore is aiming for a late October opening, and in a step in the right direction, they just got their liquor license today.

If Yoshi's San Francisco does indeed match the popularity of its Oakland flagship, 1300 should have little trouble getting several turns a night from the clubgoers. After all, especially on that stretch on Fillmore, is there a better prelude to a night of top tier jazz than a fancy soul food dinner?
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