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Yoshi's Would Like to be Noticed

Yes, those are three signs in one shot. And that's just the first photo.

When it comes to most restaurants under construction, one usually needs a specific address—or at least an intersection—to find the destination. Not so with Yoshi's San Francisco, which boasts about 39 signs announcing its presence on the 1300 block of Fillmore. Yoshi's is anticipated to provide a significant and much-needed boost to the slowly-fading jazz corridor of the Fillmore District. For such a high-profile opening, even more admirable may be the insistence that it will open on the firm date of November 28. Are you listening, Mint Plaza and Rincon Park?

The view from the front.

Will they abide by the bar they've set?

"Yoshi's Tower"—it's got a name now—from the northside, along with some renderings in the windows.
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