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Plywood Update: And Thus Concludes A Pair of Mysteries

We've got much more plywood later today, but for now, satiate your curiosity with a pair of updates from past reports.

1) Hayes Valley: Last week, a reader sent in a picture of an unknown restaurant in the works on Laguna Street. The only clues were the establishment's name ("Domo") and the (seemingly) anonymous owners, Christopher and Isabelle, Inc. Soon thereafter, another reader chimed in with the answer: "Isabelle and Christopher, Inc.? Oh, yay! Isabelle and Christopher, Inc. are Luke and Kitty Sung of Isa (on Steiner)." So there you have it: readers helping readers. 511 Laguna Street, at Linden [Eater Comments]

2) SoMa: More details are trickling in about the upcoming Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant from Ola Fendert (Oola, Chez Papa). A long, 30' communal table will be involved (required for any new eatery these days), as will a host of organic wines and local, sustainable produce (also required). Truffle-parmesan fries are an eye-catcher on the menu. And yes, we have confirmation of the wood-burning oven. The anticipated opening date is somewhere around the third week of October. 330 First Street, between Folsom and Harrison [Eater Inbox]