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Reactions to the Michelin Stars

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Like 'em or not, the Michelin stars always cause a buzz, especially in a place that loves its restaurants like San Francisco. Unfortunately for those of you wanting to make a big deal about something this year, not much really changed from last year's inaugural edition. The only movement among San Francisco restaurants was in the one-star category, where bushi-tei bowed out. Ame, Coi and Cortez all joined the club, but in a year devoid of last year's uproar, the restaurant probably garnering the most quizzical looks is One Market.

But that doesn't mean people can't still whine about the guide! In that vein, here is what the Bay Area is saying. (And if you're wondering Michael Bauer's thoughts, well, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow, because he already used up his daily blog entry talking about Vegas or something.)

1) Chef Christopher Kostow of two-star recipient Chez TJ, who was asleep when he got Director Naret's call this morning: "I was completely speechless, I was completely surprised ... I just freaked out." [SJMN]

2) SFGate Community Member mgescuro: "I remember the uproar last year about the Michelin ratings "screwing up" some of the top restaurants in the region -- much the same way Michelin "screwed up" the NYC restaurants when they were initially reviewed. I'm glad to see a few more restaurants getting a star. One surprise... One Market.... REALLY??? Has the food been getting better or something??" [Chron]

3) Chowhound whiner: "I also don't know how Fringale and Aziza don't make the $40 list..." [CH]

4) SFGate Community Member gendicott: "I am sorry. Mina gets 2 stars, but Gary Danko, Chez Panisse and The Ritz only get 1 star. That's just wrong!" [Chron]

5) SFGate Community Member lothar: "Here's an example of why I use the Michelin guide over Zagat. I just checked the Zagat website, their homepage had the Cheesecake Factory on it, rated at an incredible 4 out of 5 stars. I wouldn't eat there if you paid me." [Chron]

6) OpenTable is glad to not have all 34 starred restaurants: "OpenTable is proud to include more than 85% of the 2008 San Francisco-based starred restaurants, along with a full range of dining options, in its OpenTable® online reservations network." 85%? There are only 34! [PRWeb]

7) And the comment of the day goes, of course, to Yelp. Representing the Yelpers in all their fabulous glory, Cheesemonger Jeff D : "I'd take away the third star for The Laundry. I've been there three times, and while one meal was stellar - out of the park good, the other two were 'ehhh'" [Yelp Convo]
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Share your thoughts and take the comments field for test drive, would you?

Chez Panisse

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One Market Restaurant

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