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Eater Inside: Fish & Farm

A recurring feature, Eater Inside showcases the interior space of high-profile, recently-opened restaurants.
James Newman, 10/23/07

From the moment you walk into the small 42-seat dining room at Fish & Farm, you notice the decor: teal walls, plush dark brown booths and "barn-chic" room accents ranging from whitewashed oars to a giant clockface. Usually such a motley of ... stuff makes for an odd design, but for the most part, Fish & Farm's teal room works. Designer Sheri Sheridan, who also did Salt House, aims to convey a sense of neighborhood, and for the locally-sourced restaurant nestled in the hotel, it does feel quite comfortable. The only odd part? The (quite drab) bar area—where you can enjoy the dinner menu in its entirety—is literally part of the hotel lobby, completely removed from the cozy dining room and its singular design.

James Newman, 10/23/07

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