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The John Barleycorn's Last Ditch Effort

Friday night may be the John Barleycorn's curtain call at the hands of Luisa Hanson, but supporters of the famed pub/institution have not given up hope. At this point in the game, it seems all but inevitable that this is the last week for the Barleycorn. In fact, last week's article in the Guardian pointed out that not even the city itself could stop the takeover; the city could only delay the transfer. Well, the Barleycorn supporters have done just that. They've taken the matter all the way to Mayor Newsom. Here is, as they call it, their "Hail Mary":

Hello, friends, and once again thank you for your time, persistence and efforts on behalf of the Barleycorn. In the final week, we have a last “Hail Mary” in the air: members of the Barleycorn Coalition met with Mayor Newsom's staff in the hopes of having the mayor contact Luisa Hanson. As the closure of the Barleycorn has ripple effects throughout the local economy, and it is of value to the entire city, we hope that he will intercede and speak for the thousands who signed the Open Letter to Luisa demanding that the Barleycorn stay open.

Feel free to call the mayor's office yourself and request that he act in the best interests of this neighborhood and the city. Telephone: 554-6141; e-mail:

Otherwise, we will deliver every Open Letter petition and personal letter to Luisa's restaurant early next week. The last night at the Barleycorn is Friday, October 26. Stay tuned to this site for any late-breaking developments, and for news of life after the Barleycorn!

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