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EaterWire: New Doors at 1300, Onyx at Bin and a Hopper on the Embarcadero

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2007_10_1300%282%29.jpgFILLMORE—For those of you concerned with the aesthetics of apertures and entryways (like us), please be aware that the proper door at 1300 is forthcoming. The real door arrives in the second week of November. 1300 and all that jazz rejuvenation, meanwhile, debut to the public tomorrow. [EaterWire Inbox]

THE MARINA—Early reports from Bin 38, formally open tonight, have been very good, particularly regarding the design. From Bits & Bites: "The space (which used to be Mi Lindo Peru) is huge, with the bar in front, a small room off to the left, then a larger room with two alcoves—one with an L-shaped couch and one with tables—and the kicker, a huge back patio with picnic tables and chairs, and soon, a fire pit. There are tons of design details—for example, baby vine-pressed interior windows, cork walls, distressed wood floors and stunning gold-and-burgundy-flecked onyx-topped bar." [Bits & Bites]

FERRY BUILDING—Today, the 2008 San Francisco Michelin Guide went on sale in bookstores around the Bay. To mark the occasion, Michelin Director Jean-Luc Naret and Marcia Gagliardi (better known as La Tablehopper) will be leading a panel discussion in the Ferry Building's Book Passage at 6pm. We'll be in attendance, so please do come and say hello; we'll be the non-French guy wearing the Thomas Keller t-shirt. [EaterWire]