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The Styrofoam Hunt, Part I: Clay Oven

As most are aware, our fair city banned styrofoam from restaurants this summer. It has come to our attention that a surprising number of eateries continue to have a love affair with the banned containers. Given the difficulty of enforcement, The Styrofoam Hunt pledges to shed light on offending restaurants. Your findings to

The dubious honor of the first victim in our "Greener Than Thou" project, quite frankly, surprised us: Noe Valley's brand new Clay Oven. Our styrofoam tipster dishes the non-biodegradable dirt:

The newly-opened Clay Oven on Church at 29th St gave me takeout in styrofoam -- rice (that's just bizarre, to be honest) and pakora (also curiously wrapped in plastic, which just hastened the steaming-in-the-box effect). The curry was in a foil container.
A restaurant that literally opened a week ago is using styrofoam, for rice no less. Did they not get the memo? Are restaurants even aware that styrofoam has been banned? Offending restaurants are supposed to get slapped with a $100 fine for the first violation, $200 for the second and $250 for subsequent violations. We honestly have no idea how many—if any—restaurants have been caught since the law went into effect on June 1st.

But we know one thing: if such a newly-opened restaurant is handing out banned substances, this is just the beginning of this unfolding probe.
· Most Styrofoam Banned In S.F. Restaurants [abc]

Your help is crucial as we continue our hunt for styrofoam offenders. Let's hear those sightings, people.