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Fro-Yo Wars: North Beach Neighbors Clarify Yogurt Love

While Honeydoo, once thought to open this summer, awaits its November hearing before the Board of Supervisors, the fro-yo wars continue. Yesterday, a representative from North Beach Neighbors informed us that they are not the neighborhood association blocking the long-delayed frozen yogurt outpost; according to the email (post-jump), North Beach Neighbors does not support blocking legitimate businesses from opening. Rather, the culprit is the Telegraph Hill Dwellers. We're not quite sure where Honeydoo, on the corner of Grant and Green, falls in terms of North Beach versus Telegraph Hill, but we're glad we're not involved in what seems to be a bit of a developing neighborhood rivalry. An excerpt from the email follows:

North Beach Neighbors is opposed to the red tape and back room deals that prevent businesses from opening in North Beach. Our community organization of nearly 300 members has been in operation for more than 27 years with the core belief that we can make changes to improve our neighborhood. Stopping legitimate businesses from opening is NOT our thing. The neighborhood organization that has been obstructing the opening of Honeydoo is the Telegraph Hill Dwellers (THD). The political arm of THD is directly tied to Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin.

Please clarify your text of 10-07-07 so future readers don't get the misconception that North Beach Neighbors has fallen victim to the dark force.

Dark forces! Political Arms! Frozen yogurt has now reached the political sphere.
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Have an opinion on the matter? The comments field and Eater Inbox await. And as always, anyone from the Telegraph Hill Dwellers group is welcome to chime in on the Honeydoo situation.