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Eater Inside: Frisee

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A recurring feature, Eater Inside showcases the interior space of high-profile, recently-opened restaurants.
James Newman, 10/25/07

Sitting right on Market, Frisee is a curious case in more ways than one. It's a project from the brother tandem of Brett and Nathan Niebergall, and the very hip place could even be classified on looks alone as semi-upscale. But it's a quick-service salad-centric restaurant. Not unlike at Squat & Gobble, customers order at the counter and then a wait person delivers the food. Prices are high for salads and the like, yet the quality of ingredients is more than evident. The decor—modern art adorns the upstairs walls and furniture is very Design Within Reach—is flashy for a salad restaurant, and given the Castro's plethora of neighborhood cafes, we can't help but wonder if/how Frisee will evolve into something more (or less, for that matter). Granted, it's doing quite well since opening last week—good-sized crowds have been reported daily—but it's straddling the line between trendy restaurant with tons of potential and salad cafe with tons of potential. Can it be both?

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