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Fro-Yo Wars: The Future Depends on Honeydoo!

Well now!

The long-delayed and now politically-charged Honeydoo continues to gain the rabid support of some neighborhood associations. Earlier this week, we had one local group announce its undying love for frozen yogurt, and today, The North Beach Chamber of Commerce has submitted an official letter of support to the Board of Supes. If you're keeping score at home, that's two neighborhood groups in favor of yogurt and one (Telegraph Hill Dwellers) very against.

According to the NBCC, Honeydoo's opening is absolutely essential to the future of North Beach businesses, and you know who is at fault? The Telegraph Hill Dwellers and that damn eBay on the interwebs!

Lucky for us (and you), the letter in question arrived in our inbox as well, along with the following preamble: "It is outrageous the way the Telegraph Hill Dwellers ponce around North Beach, especially Nancy Shanahan Peskin." The letter, in full, follows (emphasis, in bold, is ours):

Re: Honeydoo, Inc Yogurt — 1400 Grant Avenue, San Francisco CU Application 2007.0701C

San Francisco Planning Commission

Honorable Commissioners:

Our organizations, which has represented the North Beach business community for 21 years, and currently has a membership of over 200 businesses, would like to go on record as supportive of the pending conditional use application for the above location.

It should be every American's right to pursue their dream, in business or otherwise. No residential neighborhood association should be allowed to dictate which business will or will not thrive. Similarly, by its very nature, a residential association is out of touch with those exigencies that determine the viability of any business.

The sole opposition to this project, as voiced by Nancy Shanahan Peskin of Telegraph Hill Dwellers, is weak and based on a commercial planning code that was put into place 25 years ago. Needless to say, our neighborhood commercial planning code did not take into account the eventuality of the huge impact of Internet (e-tail) and E-Bay on small retail. Small retail in small neighborhoods, like North Beach, faces a daunting task of overcoming Internet sales, box stores' undercutting competition, and retail giants. We, who are concerned about the quality of life in our unique neighborhoods, face the daunting dilemma of what to do with ground floor commercial space.

Additionally, the commercial 1200-1500 blocks of Grant Avenue need businesses that will enliven the street; it is critical to the future of all businesses on those blocks. Ever since the Telegraph Hill Dwellers shut down the Savoy Tivoli, there has been a domino effect that has destroyed and stifled businesses on Grant Avenue. We need businesses that will engage pedestrians. Honeydoo promises to be such a business.

We urge your support.

Signed: Marsha Garland, Founder/Executive Director

And the bell sounds on Round 19.
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Telegraph Hill Dwellers, we're still waiting for your rebuttal.