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EaterWire: A Weekend of Farewells

A penny for the old guy.

NOB HILL—Tonight marks the swan song for the epic, beloved John Barleycorn Pub. Come Monday, the San Francisco institution will have been engulfed by the Luisa Hanson empire. We've already touched on the situation earlier, so all we'll say is that the Barleycorn is the best. Whenever we spent some significant time away from The City, a single trip to the Barleycorn always served as a reminder of just what makes San Francisco so great. We'd wonder what Seals Stadium was like in the 50s, and what was felt when Moscone and Milk got shot. We'd sense the ghosts of the past, of the foggy town immortalized by Herb Caen, Bill Walsh and Phil Frank. Going to the Barleycorn, we would feel the solidarity of being a San Franciscan. No longer. [EaterWire]

NORTH BEACH—On Sunday at 1pm, Enrico's will hold a wake-like tribute to Enrico Banducci, the North Beach luminary who passed away this month. The event is open to the public, and in true Banducci fashion, there will be an open mic. [EaterWire, Metroblogging]