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Fall Tracking: Conduit

Fall is a time for restaurant openings, but when said restaurants actually opens is anyone's guess. Fall Tracking Report is your source for the latest news on upcoming restaurants and when you should start trying to score that resy.

2007_09_efp.jpgConduit, 280 Valencia Street, The Mission

Initial Debut Projection: Late November 2007
Current Debut Projection: Late November 2007
Odds, On Time Arrival: 3 to 1
Eater Projected Opening Date: 12/01/07

Here we have Conduit, which is settling in nicely into the evolving north Mission area. Chef Justin Deering (Jeanty at Jack's) will roll out an appetizer-heavy, contemporary American menu, and given the offhand construction conversations, look for an impressive and unique wine list of 200+. But the thing that will turn heads towards Conduit, at least initially, is the decor. Well-known modernist Stanley Saitowitz is designing the interior, and from the looks of our little inspection, it's going to be a space unlike any other in the city. Existing conduits of all sizes are everywhere, and yes, they are real. The dining room will seat 80-90 diners, and there will also be a pair of separate bar/counters. A private dining room and unisex (read: trendy) bathrooms are in the back. To warm up the mechanical feel, a fireplace will be put in near the Valencia entrance.

Live plywood! When we stopped by, they were pouring concrete on the southside of the dining room and in the private dining room in the back.

One of the two bars and the open kitchen. Each bar will seat 12-15.

Tons of conduitage.
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