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Fro-Yo Wars: Honeydoo Just Wants to Serve Yogurt

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Given the recent hullabaloo over Honeydoo's delay, it's worth pointing out that in the end, the debate should not be about warring neighborhood associations. It's about frozen yogurt and one family's dream of serving frozen yogurt to frozen yogurt-loving masses. That in mind, the Honeydoo folks themselves have decided to chime in to remind us of the real issue at hand:

We are not a franchise or a chain. We have but one location at 1400 Grant Avenue San Francisco, CA 94133, and one that is at center stage, embroiled in wasteful political posturing and commotion. We are not politicos and most certainly not gladiators or warriors: We are sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, and friends and neighbors who subscribe to peaceful living and healthy lifestyles. We are a yogurt shop, catering to Life – Love – Yogurt™.
Gosh, if only world leaders had the same peace-love disposition as small business owners trying to make a living in San Francisco. We will say this: what's the big deal? It's not a chain, it's not fast food. Like a great philosopher once said, "Help the poor and common man. This is ouuuuurrrrr country."
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