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Eater PSA: Comments, Help Wanted

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Now that Eater SF has been up and running for a month or so—we do hope you like what we've done with the place—we'd like to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a brief public service announcement.

1) Comments: As you've surely noticed, we launched a new comments system yesterday, but we sense some commenting reticence. New Yorkers love sharing their comments; you should too. You can rock an avatar and everything. The comments field is your platform for voicing your opinions, rumors and everything else in that twisted mind of yours. Go crazy and sign up, kids. It's quite fun.

2) The Eater SF Flickr Pool: The Eater SF Flickr Pool was introduced a while back, but here's a reminder: above the linkroll, just there to right, lies our Flickr pool. We've had some contributions, but please do share your photos that illuminate any dining and drinking experiences in the city. The more, the merrier.

3) Contributors: We are actively looking for the following breeds of contributors: photographers, interns (Eaterns) and dining gurus from the East Bay and Napa. Interested parties should send a brief letter—no more than two paragraphs—to, detailing your passions and qualifications (if you have a blog, please share that as well). Fame, glory and infinitesimal pay await.

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