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Eater Queries: What Will Become of Herb's Fine Foods?

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Earlier this week, a reader put forth a question regarding Herb's Fine Foods, the Noe Valley diner with the goofy sign that shocked the neighborhood when it suddenly closed about a month ago:

Herb's fine food suddenly closed down in Noe Valley. It was a greasy spoon institution ... I am very interested to know what happened and what will become of this vacant space ... I also think that Noe Valley can't convert business to restaurants unless of course they were already zoned as one. This is a prime space and someone will be a fool to not open up a great restaurant.
According to a Noe Valley Voice article earlier this month, Herb's was forced to close because they couldn't afford the rising rents entailed in a new lease. When the Eater Investigative Staff arrived on site at 24th Street, not much intel was available. The place has been completely gutted and there were no signs of activity within. Building scaffolding persists, along with lead warning signs, even though it appears that work permits have expired. In other words, there are no clues as to the space's next tenant. Anyone know anything?
· Herb's Is Toast [Noe Valley Voice]

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