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EaterWire: Bella on Geary, Indian Breakfasts and MORE

Is this Rome or is this heaven? --Bella website

THE RICHMOND—Word around the Inner Richmond is that folks are confused about Bella Trattoria on Geary and 3rd Avenue: "I was wondering if you know what's up with Bella...? There's a fly-covered notice in the window saying it's closed for renovations or something-but it looks a bit more permanent than that. Kind-of has a "failed the health inspection" vibe-or maybe that was just all the dead flies...!" Since the health inspectors seem to have a thumbs up for the place, the Eater Investigative Staff took a gander at the Bella doings today, and it seems that they are ripping up the entire hardwood floor, among other things. Given the gaping hole in the ground behind the bar, if we had a guess, we'd say that the floor was rotting so they had to redo it. Both the answering machine and the sign on the door says they'll reopen on November 1. The place doesn't look days away though. [EaterWire Inbox, EaterWire]

Because nothing says a good morning like $6 all-you-can-eat breakfast curry.

UNION SQUARE—From the newly-dueling O'Farrell Street Indian duo of Sultan and Naan-N-Curry comes the following intel. Not content with just lunch and dinner, Naan-N-Curry has commenced with a formal breakfast buffet as part of their 24-hour business strategy. [EaterWire]

FISHERMAN'S WHARF—On 631 Grant Avenue (right off Bay), Chinese food stalwart Far East Cafe has new owners and will soon be under new management. The new name will be—ready for this?—China House Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. There really should be a rule about having more than four words in your restaurant name, no? [EaterWire]

CITY-WIDE—We've gotten a great response from everyone with regards to the great witch hunt of our time: the Styrofoam Hunt. Please do continue to send your styrofoam spottings to Because only you can prevent forest fires the greenhouse effect. Or something. [Eater PSA Dept.]

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