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Map Love: For All Your Street Vendor Yearnings

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Compared to some other big cities, San Francisco might be a bit lacking in the street vendor category, but that doesn't mean that Bay Area technophiles can't go to town on the mobile food industry. In today's Google maps mash-up news, we're happy to share something that should have been done years ago: a (developing) definitive map of the taco trucks in California.

Coming to our attention via Bay Area Bites (which also hints at the whereabouts of that elusive San Francisco Korean BBQ truck), the taco truck map focuses mainly on San Francisco and northern California, but encompasses the entire state. From the response the site has been getting, it seems like it's catching on pretty well, which in turn means that it will continue to add taco trucks to its database.

The best part? The site goes beyond a mere aggregation of taco truckery. In the sidebar, you can follow all taco truck-related news stories, such as the man sought in the weekend taco truck beating of three or a tragic taco truck-SUV collision. Who knew there was so much news about mobile street vendors? The interwebs are the best, aren't they?
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