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IMterview: The Impossible Reservation at Spruce

No restaurant has caused more of a stir this fall than Spruce, and while some of the opening hoopla has passed, a normal dinner reservation remains nearly impossible to nab, which wouldn't be big news in other cities, but San Francisco isn't used to scheduling reservations a month ahead for a restaurant not named The French Laundry or Chez Panisse.

Kesler Archives, 9/29/07

GrumpyBayDiner: have you eaten at spruce yet?
eaterSFhq: yes ma'am
GrumpyBayDiner: why is it so hard to get a reservation?
GrumpyBayDiner: jesus there are no reservations for 30 days
GrumpyBayDiner: here's what it says:
GrumpyBayDiner: "OpenTable has searched 30 days out for a reservation meeting your criteria, and unfortunately there are no tables available. To search for reservations at a new restaurant, click the "Home" link above."
eaterSFhq: i know
GrumpyBayDiner: and you cant look past that
GrumpyBayDiner: so then how do you get a res?

eaterSFhq: try calling or try lunch
GrumpyBayDiner: lunch IS open
GrumpyBayDiner: well i got a lunch res on nov 16th. nuts
GrumpyBayDiner: it's not even new anymore
GrumpyBayDiner: the place opened months ago
GrumpyBayDiner: i can get an 8pm at aqua or slanted door
GrumpyBayDiner: but nothing at spruce
GrumpyBayDiner: this isn't NYC how ricoculous
eaterSFhq: enjoy your lunch
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