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EaterWire: Sushi Not Happening in Mint Plaza

Exit Sushi Groove, Enter Dolce Vita. Welcome to the Good Life.

MINT PLAZA—Sometimes, the shutter hits before restaurants even get off the ground. Such is the case with Sushi Groove, which has now been canceled. From the Inside Scoop: "Restaurateur Jocelyn Bulow has decided to forgo that concept - "bad timing," he says - and open the Mint Plaza space as Dolce Vita, a Tuscan trattoria." No word on how this change will affect the December opening date, but well ... you know. [Chron]

THE MISSION—As reported by the Tablehopper, 24th Street's Roosevelt Tamale Parlor is back after a brief hiatus, with its new owners hailing from Don Pico's and Pancho Villa. The menu is apparently the same and the interior only has some minor changes. [TH, EaterWire]

THE SUNSET—By now, you may have heard about the rash of McDonald's armed robberies, but we thought we'd inquire about one curious aspect of the case: "After the suspect entered through the [drive-through] window ...The suspect fled through the window as police fired at the escaping person." Now really, how in the world does one enter and exit (amidst gunfire, mind you) through that little drive-through window? Who is this guy, Spiderman? [Examiner]