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Future Noe Valley Restaurant Seeks Name

Welcome to the new internet era, where chefs love the blogodome almost as much as they do their kitchens. For the last two-plus years, Brett Emerson has been putting out one of the better local food blogs around, in praise of sardines, and come spring 2008, he'll open the doors to his new Noe Valley restaurant. Problem is, he doesn't have a name for the place yet. That's where his blog comes in. Emerson is looking for both name suggestions and feedback:

How many people can boast that they named a hip new neighborhood restaurant in America's food lovers' paradise? Imagine the smug satisfaction. If that's not enough, know you'll have this chef's eternal gratitude.
Get to it people! As seen by the accompanying photo, there are tons of terrible restaurant names in this town—feel free to send us your nominations for the worst—so this is your chance to make a difference. Besides, there has to be something better (and easier) than Emerson's first candidate: Olleallie Oolalee Olallie.
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