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Confirmed: Pinkberry Coming to Northern California

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Eater has just received confirmation that Pinkberry will be opening its first northern California franchise. The dates are still up in the air, but as long rumored, the SoCal frozen yogurt giant—which recently received a cool $27.5 million from Starbucks founder Howard Schultz—will indeed open a location in the Stanford Shopping Center. The news came to a head after an innocent employment ad sparked all sorts of rumors. The following is our phone conversation with the Los Angeles-based company that started those glorious fro-yo wars:

Eater: Hi, are you guys opening a northern California location?

Pinkberry Mothership: Are you calling in regard to retail space?

Eater: Oh, no I was just asking because I heard some rumors and was curious.

Pinkberry Mothership: Unfortunately, we can't discuss franchises.

Eater: I saw an employment ad.

Pinkberry Mothership [suddenly happy]: Are you looking for a job?

Eater: No, I was wondering if you were opening a northern California location.

Pinkberry Mothership: Where did you see the ad?

Eater: Craigslist

Pinkberry Mothership [suddenly resigned]: Yeah, if you saw an ad, that means we're opening a location. We can't say anything about the dates though.

And thus dawns the Pinkberry Era upon the Bay Area.
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