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EaterWire AM Edition: Mixt Greens Expanding, Campton Place Evolving

Mixt Greens: Everything in this photo is made from arugula. [Photo: Flickr/dangitt2]

FIDI—Good news for downtown workers: the eminently popular and even greener Financial District salad eatery Mixt Greens will continue to expand on its (often crowded) pair of locations come 2008. The next FiDi offshoot of the gourmet greenery will make the venture across Market Street, to 580 Mission (between 1st and 2nd) sometime next spring. Also rumored: a fourth location in ... Los Angeles. [EaterWire]

WESTERN ADDITION—It seems that there are just never enough punny names out there, so we're happy to share the latest play on the word "bar": please welcome Candybar to the table, soon to inhabit 1335 Fulton Street, near Divis. [EaterWire]

UNION SQUARE—And now a bit of news from the Campton Place front. Since ownership was transfered to the Taj Group back in April, slight renovations and the like have been popping up. Gavin Schmidt was promoted to exec chef earlier this month, and according to a source at the hotel, some Indian "tweaks" will be forthcoming in the restaurant. The next baby step will be the implementation of several Indian side dishes, with bigger changes possibly looming in the distance. Story developing. [EaterWire]

Campton Place

Campton Place, , CA 94108

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