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EaterWire: False Alarms at The Infinity and MORE!

SOMA—Fear not SoMa diners: the big BBQ sign adorning the wall of the upcoming restaurant in The Infinity isn't a spoiler. When a downtown worker sent word of a BBQ sign in the construction area, our brain nearly exploded. After all, this was the place that was supposedly going to house a "name-brand San Francisco chef." Fortunately, an inquiry to The Infinity has been met with assurance that the sign was referring to a workers' barbecue, and that the restaurant remains "a white tablecloth affair." That was close. [EaterWire Inbox]

EMBARCADERO CENTER—Rumor has it that three new desserts have debuted at Sens. And by rumor, we mean pastry chef Shuna Fish Lydon's blog. [eggbeater]

TELEVISIONVILLE—The fine folks at The Food Network dropped a line to let us know that episodes of The Next Iron Chef can be viewed online starting each Monday morning for the previous night's show. As you were. [FoodNetwork]

THE CASTRO—Hey, we hear there's something not happening tonight in the Castro. If you happen to be in the area, please do report back on the non-celebrations at Mecca, Mix, Amber et al. [EaterWire]