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The Styrofoam Hunt, Part II: More Offenders Enter the Nonbiodegradable Fray

As most are aware, our fair city banned styrofoam from restaurants this summer. It has come to our attention that a surprising number of eateries continue to have a love affair with the banned containers and the city is not doing much about it. Given the reluctance/difficulty of municipal enforcement, The Styrofoam Hunt pledges to shed light on offending restaurants. Your findings to

2007_10_NOstyrofoam2.jpgToday, Eater's little witch hunt for those poisonous white containers continues, as we share the names of more guilty offenders sent in by readers. Round two of the investigation begins ... now:

1) Lahore Karahi: "It's the best Pakistani place in the city, but Lahore Karahi in the tendernob uses styrofoam for takeout orders" [Eater Inbox]

2) Cafe Vivoli: "Hi, Café Vivoli on Battery and Pine supplies only styrofoam containers for their salad bar. Thanks." [Eater Inbox]

3) Rico's: "That Mexican place in Fisherman's Wharf gave me styrofoam for delivery. Ricos. Not recommended" [Eater Inbox]

4) Chinatown: "I know a restaurant that uses styrofoam. It's called ALL OF CHINATOWN." [Eater Inbox]

5) Panta Rei: "I'm pretty sure Panta Rei on Columbus gave us our leftovers in a styrofoam container. You'd think they could shell out the extra bucks when they charge $15 for a plate of pasta." [Eater Inbox]

Our conclusion: from the depths of the 'Loin to the water's edge on the Wharf, this town is littered with styrofoam, even more so than originally anticipated. The investigation continues.
· The Styrofoam Hunt, Part I: Clay Oven [~ESF~]

You best believe that the Styrofoam Hotline operators are standing by; your sightings wanted.

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